Small Molecule

Small Molecule

Small molecule drug is traditional pharmaceutical which can enter the cell easily to regulate a biological process with a relatively low molecular weight. Many targeted therapies are small molecule drugs. With extensive experts in small molecule drug, CD BioSciences provides high quality services about clinical trials to facilitate our clients' small molecule drug development. We are dedicated to advancing and accelerating your small molecule drug program.

Small Molecule Drug Development

For a small molecule drug, the path to a marketed drug involves a long and exhaustive journey through basic research, discovery of the medicine, preclinical development tests, increasingly complicated clinical trials within humans, and regulatory approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If necessary, the post-approval studies should be designed to assess the drug versus competitors effectiveness, and quality of life consideration.

Our Clinical Development Services for Small Molecule Drug Development

Our clinical development services span the entire phases of clinical trials from early phase studies to late phase studies, as well as data management, clinical study reporting, regulatory supporting etc. With rich experience, advanced technology and expert team, we are committed to providing one-stop service to best tailor the needs of your clinical research programs. We offer a full spectrum of services to advance your clinical development for small molecule drugs. If you have any other requirements, please feel free to reach out to our team for assistance.

  • Prepare basic clinical trial documentation
  • Clinical trial sites screening
  • Subject recruitment
  • Clinical trial plan design
  • Clinical sample management including sampling kits, labels, investigator manual, etc.
  • Clinical trial monitoring and management
  • Clinical trial audit and quality control
  • Data statistical analysis
  • Prepare clinical trial report

Clinical trail phases. (Pharmaceutical biotechnology clinical trials, M. Vharshini)

Fig.1 Clinical trail phases. (Pharmaceutical biotechnology clinical trials, M. Vharshini)

Our Highlights

We have the ability to deliver excellent clinical service supported by state-of-the-art technology, world-class equipment, more than 10 years experience and professional clinical trial team. Our clinical trial team covers the fields including medicine, pharmacology, biology, biostatistics etc. We have stringent quality management systems to promise the strong track record of regulatory inspections during the trial process. We are dedicated to providing reliable trials and cost-effective data management services.

As a full-service clinical research organization, CD BioSciences's customer-centric collaborative approach help us build true partnerships with our clients. If you want to find a reliable partner to be involved in your biologics development program, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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