Ecotoxicology is a multidisciplinary field that integrates toxicology and ecology, focusing on the effects of toxic chemicals on biological organisms. The research is usually at the population, community, ecosystem and biosphere levels. The goal of this approach is to be able to reveal and predict the effects of pollution in the context of all other environmental factors. Based on ecotoxicology studies, researchers make efforts to identity the most effective actions to prevent or remedy any harmful effects.

CD BioSciences’ experts will present our clients a guide of statistical analysis from ecotoxicology study design, analysis to the interpretation of a range of experiments that are used to assess the toxicity of chemicals. Actually, our services can be applied to not only the ecotoxicology studies but also a wide range of toxicity studies.

Meanwhile, our experts always keep up with the frontiers of recently developed methods that are used in the analysis of severity scores and other ordered responses. We are familiar with the extensive power studies of competing tests and computer simulation studies of regression models so that provide our clients with advices on the choice of the sensitivity (or lack thereof) of various methods and the quality of parameter estimates from regression models.

Our Services

  • Consulting on the design and analysis of a wide array of ecotoxicology experiments;
  • Consulting on toxicity experiments and statistical analysis basics;
  • Consulting on programs in R and excel;
  • Analyzing data (e.g. continuous and quantal data) as well as data for regulatory;
  • Doing a thorough examination of the statistical issues that arise in toxicity studies, especially ecotoxicology;
  • Making sure that ecotoxicology tests are analyzed according to current USEPA, PSEP, OECD and Environmental Canada guidelines.

We guarantee the confidentiality and sensitivity of our customers' data. We are committed to providing you with timely and high-quality deliverables. At the same time, we guarantee the cost-effectiveness, completeness and conciseness of reports.

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