The purpose of epidemiology is to study the frequency and cause of disease occur in different populations. We use epidemiological information to plan and evaluate strategies to prevent diseases. This information can also be applied as a guide to help us to manage those patients who are already ill. Unlike clinical studies that pay attention to the health of individuals, epidemiology studies care more about the health of populations. Epidemiology studies focus on the distribution and determinants of human disease and health outcomes, and the application of methods to improve human health. As a result, the nature of epidemiological studies is typically observational, and the researchers have limited control over the exposure that study participants experience.

One of the significant objectives of epidemiological studies is to confirm risk factors for diseases. Basically, epidemiological studies can be divided into three types according to the specific question being asked, namely cohort studies, case-control studies, and cross-sectional studies. Methods of data analysis in different types of epidemiological studies are different. CD BioSciences' experts will select a suitable mathematical or statistical test strategy for you depending on your data characteristics including variables, objectives and hypothesis.

Our Services

  • Consulting service for the design of a wide array of epidemiological experiments, such as the sample size and power calculation;
  • Consulting on bias, confounding and effect modification in epidemiological studies;
  • Data analysis (e.g. multivariable analysis using logistic, Poisson and binomial regression);
  • Thorough examination of the statistical issues in epidemiology studies
  • Making sure that epidemiology studies are analyzed by appropriate statistical methods.

Besides, we also offer services for the handling of medical survey data.

We guarantee the confidentiality and sensitivity of our customers' data. We are committed to providing you with timely and high-quality deliverables. At the same time, we guarantee cost-effective, complete and concise reports.

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