About Us

About Us
Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative perspectives on the design and analysis of their clinical trials or studies. And by developing high quality databases, delivering comprehensive statistical reports and final statistical files used for regulatory submission, we’ll help our clients to achieve effective and successful research goals.

Services We Provide

A full range of clinical trial consulting, design, conduction, management, reporting and analysis services for scientists and researchers all over the world.

Bioanalytical Lab Testing

We are specialized in comprehensive bioanalytical testing services to advance your drug development, including biomarker ...

Clinical Pharmacology

As a highly flexible, fit-for-purpose clinical development CRO, CD BioSciences offers full-service clinical pharmacology supports ...

First-in-Human (FIH)

Our clinical team is committed to ensuring the participants safety before initiating each FIH study. We offer stringent participant ...

Proof of Concept

With advanced clinical operation facilities and highly experienced statistician and clinical team, we are confident in completing your ...

Early Phase Trials

With a global network of therapeutic experts, CD BioSciences is dedicated to providing expert CRO services for your early clinical trials.

Phase IIa Trials

Our integrated approach will ensure generating accurate data for phase IIa outcomes. We are dedicated to working together with our clients ...

Phase IIb-III Trials

As a global leading clinical trial CRO, CD BioSciences offers end-to-end phase IIb-III clinical trial services from the start to finish.

Phase IIIb-IV Trials

To help our clients achieve more regulatory success for approved drugs, CD BioSciences offers comprehensive suite of phase IIIb and IV ...

CDM Analysis and Reporting

We partner with our clients to provide high-quality, reliable, accurate, and statistically sound data for clinical trials, facilitating ...

Drug Category

CD BioSciences provides comprehensive suite of clinical trial services in various drug categories.