Peptides are short linear strings of amino acids that control many functions in the human body, normally not organized in a stable three-dimensional structure, at least before their binding to targets. The length limit between a peptide and a protein is arbitrarily fixed as 50 amino acids and molecular weight below 10 kDa. Currently, peptide-based therapeutics are experiencing a renaissance in the global market with collective sales of more than US$ 20 Billion in 2017. In general, the global peptide therapeutics market is expected to surpass US$ 50 Billion before 2024. The whole market growth will be driven by the increasing research and development expenditure by pharmaceutical organizations along with rapid entry of multiple peptide-based drug in the market. CD BioSciences provides in-depth peptides trial knowledge spans the entire clinical process, from the design and execution of proof-of-concept trials to submissions and regulatory approval.

Current development status of therapeutic peptides.

Fig.1 Current development status of therapeutic peptides. (Lau, 2018)

Clinical Experiences with Peptides

CD BioSciences offers experienced peptide project teams across the globe ready to support your drug discovery and development. Expertise with your specific peptides indication is critical crucial when selectin the partner for clinically trial conduct. CD BioSciences' clinical trial team is well-positioned to leverage their experience to advance your development. Below is a representation of CD BioSciences' current clinical research experience with peptide drugs:

  • Hematological diseases
  • Cancer therapy
  • Genetic disorders
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Neurological disorder
  • Respiratory disorder
  • Infectious disease

Services within Peptide Researches

CD BioSciences offers a wide array of pharmaceutical, chemical, and peptide analysis services. Our analytical laboratories adhere to current GLP standards and are equipped with state of the art analytical instrumentation. Our state of the art cGMP facilities was built specifically for GMP peptide production. Our GMP Manufacturing Team has produced hundreds of clinical grade peptides for toxicology studies, Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical trials worldwide.

GMP peptide production

Key Advantages

CD BioSciences' Key Strength in Peptide Manufacturing

CD BioSciences has been producing high-quality custom manufactured peptides. We provide our clients with the highly purified, generating reliable and reproducible results, highest quality compounds available in a time frame that meets each client's expectations. All our peptides come with a complete quality control package via HPLC analysis to ensure purity and mass spectral analysis for confirming identity. Whether you need multiple peptides, long sequences, modified peptides or even peptide reagents and synthesis equipment, we can be of assistance. Each service is overseen by highly skilled and trained chemists who can offer state of the art testing in a rapid time frame. Our team is well versed in guiding our clients through the clinical process to assure that all requirements are met.

CD BioSciences offers a complete line of popular peptides for research and development. These peptides are offered in various prepackaged quantities and ready for use. We use HPLC analysis and mass spectral analysis to ensure purity and confirm identity. Please feel free to search our catalog for any peptide products. If you cannot find the suitable peptide you desire, please do not hesitate to contact us.


1. Lau, J. L.; Dunn, M. K. Therapeutic peptides: Historical perspectives, current development trends, and future directions. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry. 2018, 26(10): 2700-2707.

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