Phase IIa Trials

Phase IIa Trials

Every clinical trial is unique. With flexible, reliable, personalized approaches, CD BioSciences provides our clients with full-service, fit-for-purpose early clinical trial supports which are tailored to the sponsor and patient needs. Our dedicated clinical execution team brings extensive experience to support pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical needs.

Smarter "Go / No-go" Decisions with the Right Partner

Clinical development of a novel drug is a long journey. The cost of clinical studies developed by pharmaceutical industry is increasingly expensive, especially phase II and III trials. Hence, it's crucial to ensure that clinical trials are conducted more efficiently and cost-effectively. CD BioSciences is the right partner to help our clients develop the clinical trial program. As a fully dedicated clinical trial CRO, we gets you accurate results to meet regulatory requirements.

Phase IIa Trials

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Empowered by a deep, experienced clinical operation team, we focus on all crucial phases of your drug development. We are committed to ensuring that your drug will stay on track toward the next major milestone, and no timeline delay will happen. To achieve this, we have enough databases including healthy volunteers, patient subjects, special populations, to ensure the successful enrollment. In addition, you don't need to deal with a complicated landscape. We will provide both the strategic study plan and execution to help you achieve the final goals. Furthermore, to best manage the clinical design and execution, we offer vast experts across a variety of therapeutic areas including oncology, metabolic, neurology, immunology, cardiovascular diseases etc.

Phase IIa Trial Capabilities

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The data of phase II is crucial to determine if the novel drug is effective in human. It's critical to decide if the program is ready to progress to later phases ("go or no-go"). Our integrated approach will ensure generating accurate data for phase IIa outcomes. We are dedicated to working together with our clients to push your drug forward, providing expert support, offering fully dedicated clinical design and execution along the drug development journey.

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