Phase IIb-III Trials

Phase IIb-III Trials

As a global leading clinical trial CRO, CD BioSciences offers end-to-end phase IIb-III clinical trial services from the start to finish. We can provide a stand-alone service or a full-service solution to fit your needs, creating a flexible cooperation approach with us. Partnering with us helps our clients shorten the timeline and reduce the predictable and realistic cost.

Full Dedication to Market Success

Phase IIb-III Trials

With comparable challenges always existed in novel drug development programs, our clinical design and operation teams are dedicated to advance and promote the program leveraging the successful experiences based on the completed clinical trials. Empowered by state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals, we are confident to be one of the most reliable, committed, flexible clinical partner to develop your clinical program and maximize your success.

  • To enhance the success of phase III clinical trial, we will define clinically useful dose range and patient characteristics predictive of drug response.
  • To meet specific patient populations intended for marketing, exclusions of screened subjects will be closely examined and carefully justified.
  • To facilitate better estimates of drug safety and efficacy, we conduct the subject recruitment strictly, and offer the most experienced statistical experts to ensure the accurate data.
  • To facilitate the market success, we can help our client plan the whole clinical trial lifecycle, explore market strategies and even phase IV studies.
  • To meet multi-center requirements, we have capabilities to conduct clinical trials in multi-countries, or multi-sites in one country. Our clinical experts are familiar with culture, standards of care, regulatory guidelines of various countries.
  • To fulfill different requirements of global agencies, we off a comprehensive suite of full services.
  • To avoid any delays or reduce any risks, we plan on quality in every stage.

Phase IIb-III Clinical Trial Full-services

Phase IIb and phase III are the most crucial stages during the drug clinical development. We offer end-to-end suite of services, and relentlessly focus on your drug approval. Because the goal of regulatory approval is in sight, you need to outsource your clinical trial to an end-to-end partner. Our comprehensive suite of clinical phase IIb-III services will keep your study on track and accelerate the success of market approval. Our phase IIb-III clinical trial services include but not limited to:

Phase IIb-III Trials Applications
  • Clinical operations and monitoring
  • Project management
  • Medical monitoring
  • Product safety and pharmacovigilance
  • Biostatistics and statistical programming
  • Clinical data management
  • Regulatory operations
  • Data standards and CDISC
  • Regulatory and medical writing
  • Quality assurance
  • Clinical trial optimization
  • Clinical trial management system

CD BioSciences is dedicated to working together with our clients to advance the phase IIb-III clinical trials. We combine scientific leadership with efficient execution, large database of subjects, and comprehensive regulatory expertise to accelerate your drug's approval. Our experience advances your drug through the crucial phase IIb-III trials. To find out more details or other clinical trial services, please contact us for assistance. 

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